The farm will provide your possession with food. Take care that your troops are not starving and are not gone to a more merciful lord.
Paddock will allow you to keep more livestock and will increase the production of food in your city.
Mill is required if you want to increase the maximum possible amount of food in your possessions.
Metal mine
Metal mine will ensure your possessions with iron, necessary for the construction of buildings and the creation of warriors.
Smithy will increase the iron produced by the mine.
Gold mine
Gold mine will supply your gold ownership.
Workshop will increase the production of gold in your city.
Warehouse will increase your holdings amount of gold and iron.
The library provides ownership of glasses of mind.
University makes it possible to increase growth of points of the mind.
Science Center
The Science Center will give you an opportunity to make researches.
Dark market
For a special currency the Mystery market will allow you to purchase resources, heroes and units to increase resources production and build some buildings.
Market will allow you to establish trade with your neighbours.
Stables will provide your caravans with fresh and strong horses, and will increase their bearing capacity.
Having built the inn, you will provide your caravans with rest what will increase the speed of their movement.
Having built barracks you will get the opportunity to hire infantry soldiers, who make up the backbone of any army.
Portal of Earth
Portal of Earth will provide your army with soldiers from the creatures of the earth.
Portal of Air
Portal of Air will allow you to hire soldiers, essential for a surprise attack of the enemy from the sky.
Portal of Water
Portal of Water is necessary for the recruitment of troops from water creatures.
Portal of Fire
Portal of Fire will allow you to recruit in army creatures from the fire.
In the case of an enemy invasion into your land, the shelter will allow you to hide your troops so that they do not get injured.
Mages guild
Having built mages guild, you will receive a spells tree needed to improve your soldiers.
Having built the crypt, you will be able to hire the undead at the expense of friends.
Council hall
Council hall will help you build relationships with other players; you can create associations and alliances, settle new locks and even invite friends to the game.
Prefecture will allow you to see detailed information about your castle: capacity of the warehouse and of the barn, food consumption, number of enemies and allies, your rating and discoveries, dimensions of the castle and bonuses to its defense, construction and research progress.
Observer tower will increase protection against espionage and will allow you to see the "neutral" enemies in the settlements.
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