Basic moments: Experience and level
Throughout the game you will get experience. The accumulated experience shall form your level in the game. In the upper-right par of game window you can see how many experience is accumulated by you at this moment and how many experience must be accumulated by you in general to switch over to the following level.

Experience is given for fulfillment of different quests and participation in fights.
Basic moments: Protection of newcomer
Any player, who didn’t achieve 15th level, shall be under protection of newcomer. It means that nobody can attack him. The newcomer protection shall be removed upon expiration of 15 levels, or of the player attacked other player. Attacks against resources and settlements shall not remove newcomer’s protection.
Basic moments: Fractions
At the beginning of game any player shall be provided with selection between two fractions: fractions of lions and fractions of dragons. Each several fraction has its benefits.

Fraction of lions:

+10% to carrying capacity of caravans;
+10% to wall assaul;
+8% to barn capacity.

Fraction of dragons:

+10% to speed of caravans;
+10% to wall protection;
+8% to warehouse capacity.
Basic moments: Виды ресурсов
There are 4 main kinds of resources:

  • Gold;
  • Iron;
  • Food;
  • Intellect.

The first 3 resources are used for construction/improvement of buildings and units. Intellect scores are used for research.

Additional resources:

  • There is also intragame currency – levorias. Levorias are used to accelerate extraction, construct buildings, study research, return forces and other game moments;
  • Spheres of knowledge are used for studying and improving research in the magician guild.
Basic moments: Extraction
In order to extract resources the following buildings shall be constructed:

Farm for food, gold mines and iron ore mines. A library should be built to elaborate intellect scores.

The higher a level of extracting buildings, accordingly, the higher resource extraction. Besides, there are buildings increasing the speed of resource extraction by some percent, they are:

Farm paddock, mine workshop, ore mine smithy and university’s library.

Levorias can be obtained for fulfillment of various tasks, achievements, settlement seizure.

Knowledge spheres are given for improvement of player level, warfighting and fulfillment of tasks.
Basic moments: Kinds
The researchers are divided into several types:

  • Standard researches;
  • Researches of the magician guild;
  • Dark researches;
  • Alliance researches.

Standard researches open access to building construction, training of units and any other moments. They are studied for intellect scores and are improved for standard resources.

The research of magician guild improves some characteristics. They are studied for knowledge spheres. Knowledge spheres are given for each level or achievement performance.

Dark researches open a separate branch of unique units. They are studied for levorias.

Alliance researches provide the alliance participants with different bonuses for resources elaboration and units’ characteristics.
Basic moments: Standard researches
Standard researches open the construction of several buildings, units training and possibility of seizure of the second and third castles. The improvement of studied research of units increases their characteristics of attack and protection.

Any standard researches are studied in a scientific center, and each research requires some number of intellect scores. Any research shall be improved for standard resources such as gold, iron and food.
Basic moments: Researches of the magician guild
Researches of the magician guild enable to improve the characteristics of your force such as; movement speed, carrying capacity and training period. The study or improvement of one research costs one knowledge sphere. The more knowledge spheres are spent, the more researches are available for study.

Besides, the magician guild has special researches, which increase any indices of attack/protection of the whole class of forces, and indices of anti-espionage and other. You can see a full list of researches in the magician guild.
Basic moments: Dark researches
They are studied and improved for levorias and open access to special units. Units have small benefits before other units of their class.
Basic moments: Alliance researches
Each alliance has a treasury, where each several participant of alliance can put some number of resources. Alliance can buy units for protection of their fortresses and to study researches for these resources. These researches enable to increase the characteristics of special class of units, and the elaboration of farms, ore mines and mines of alliance participants.
Basic moments: Characteristics
Each unit of Levorium has the following characteristics:

  • Attack – casualty inflicted by unit;
  • Protection – amount of casualty, which can be sustained by the unit. It has different indices foe different schools;
  • Speed – speed of unit traveling in a map;
  • Capacity – number of resources, which the unit can sustain after robbery;
  • Food rate – number of food consumed by the unit;
  • Kind;
  • School;
  • Speciality.
Basic moments: Kinds of forces
All units in the game belong to one of the following types of forces: attackers, defensive, universal.

  • Attackers are used mainly for missions of robbery, siege and intercept.
  • Defensive forces are used for missions of protection and support.
  • Universal forces are used both for attackers and defensive types of missions.

Units of attacker type have a penalty of 50% to indices of attack/defense when using in defensive missions. Also as for units of defensive type, they have a penalty of 50% to indices of attack/defense when using in attacking missions.
Basic moments: Schools
All units in the game belong to one of the following schools: Infantry, Land creatures, Air creatures, Water creatures, Fire creatures.

Units of one school have the decreased characteristics of protection against one of other schools. Thus, the field is appeared for tactical manoeuvres in game.
Basic moments: Specialties
Each several unit in the game has one of the following specialties:

  • Carrying capacity – unit can carry the considerably larger number resources than other units of its class.
  • Speed – unit is moved with the considerably larger higher speed then other units of its class.
  • Critical hit – unit has a chance to inflict increased casualty.
  • Intercept – when attacking the player, the unit can come to meet attacking force. In such a case the unit has bonus to characteristics.
  • Support – unit has a double travel speed for support missions.
  • Return – unit returns with the double speed after successful fulfillment of mission.
Basic moments: Undying
Undying are the units, which are subordinate to Lich. They declared themselves as enemies of mankind and act against all players. One can meet the cadavres in settlements, resource and fortresses. Moreover, they endeavor to return the latest ones. A number of cadavres depends on the settlement level, which is precipitated by them, or on the time of seizure of the fortress to be attacked.
Basic moments: Walls and eye candy
Walls and eye candy have definite characteristics. For example, each segment of wall has its attack and protection. When attacking the castle primarily the walls and eye candy will be attacked and then units will be attacked.
Common questions
Question: Can I annul attack/building/improvement/research?
You can annul attack until the enemy discovers your approach. You can annul building/improvement/research in any moment.
Question: How many resources can I carry out when robing and what is a maximum daily limit?
We don’t restrict players in carrying out any resources when robing. The game has not any restrictions for maximum rate of resources carried out. The daily limit is also not available.
Question: Whether buildings will suffer when attacking the castle?
No, buildings after attack will be safe. Only units shall participate in the battle.
Question: Where I can see my forces?
The forces shall be managed through the “Fort” building or by means of the button “Force management” that is located in the central upper block. Here you can see your forces in the castle/beyond the castle, on the way, as well as to send forces with various missions.
Question: Food decreases, why?
Your forces consume a special amount of food per hour. The amount of food consumed by any separate unit can be seen in the window of force engagement.
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